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 Privacy Policy

 Our company, Syouzikiyasan Co., LTD. (JATO), in the process of proceeding with our normal
 business operations, collects personal data (such as your name, shipping address ,e-mail address
 or telephone number) from customers and other business associates as it is deemed necessary
 for completing and proceeding with sales and service.

 Except for cases where we comply with a lawful demand for information by law enforcement
 authorities, or attempt to secure relief in cases of customer fraud (such as credit card "chargebacks"),
 Syouzikiyasan Co., Ltd. (JATO) will never disclose any personal information you provide us,
 or any information related to your purchase history with us to any third parties.

 Employees and contractors employed by our company will be trained in proper data management
 and will endeavor to continuously improve in terms of best practices with regards to said data.

 An employee will be selected to take responsibility for all personal information collected and will
 take the strictest measures possible to ensure that that personal information is not lost, destroyed,
 altered or leaked and create backup strategies in the event of any type of security breach.

 Our website uses cookies to learn about page visits. Accepting cookies is not required,
 although some functionality on our website may be disabled if you decline them (a choice you
 can make in your browser's settings).

 In the event that we change the data that we collect, the purpose of use, or the other privacy policy,
 we will regard changes of this page as our publication.

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